Hard Money LendersOverview
If you are a Hard Money Lender, congratulations! You have come across a site and a company that can help you substantially increase the value of your portfolio and provide you with the exit strategy you had when you established the return guarantees on your private equity fund! You have also discovered a way to generate additional income through a profit center you may never have thought of before!

You recognize that the process of building your brand and business through the use of marketing to third party originating mortgage brokers is one way to scale your business fast. But, getting good brokers to send you business, and to keep sending you business is a challenge.

Our Background
The principals of TitanCredit.com have decades of experience in Hard Money banking. We recognize that operating a wholesale Hard Money company is a unique challenge. Being led by one of the pioneers of taking Hard Money to the forefront of the lending market in the early 2000's, gives TitanCredit.com an edge to assist you that other credit repair companies don't possess.

The Opportunity
We have devised a way to assist you, not only in improving the value of your portfolio, but guaranteeing that your brokers come back to use you time and time again. You ask how?

Most borrowers that take hard money loans understand that it is the last opportunity to save what they have worked so hard for. But, they also understand that their goal is to eventually get into a better loan. The Hard Money Lenders we work with make it a requirement of their borrowers to sign up with our Credit Repair service. In fact, they require that the fee be paid through the close of escrow to insure that they get started right away.

5 Main benefits

  1. Refinance: The process of credit repair with put the borrower in a position to improve their credit and increase their score so that they will be able to refinance into more conventional, lower rate financing within 6-9 months.

  2. Hedge Against Predatory Lending: You will be able to hedge against legal regulators, RESPA, and opportunistic attorneys seeking to show you as a predatory lender by showing that you care about your borrower's financial well-being. You are helping the borrower with a plan to put themselves in a better financial position while enabling them to save their most prized possession at the same time... their home.

  3. Build Relationships: We have also assisted Hard Money Lenders in developing a program to strengthen their relationship with their brokers. Remember, most borrowers are sent to you by your mortgage brokers. Your brokers entrust you to fund their loans and to help their clients. But, what separates you from your competition? Along with all the other things you do well to earn repeat business, we will help you with a revolutionary program. How about this... when the borrower's credit repair is complete, we will notify both you and the originating broker that it is time to refinance their loan! That's right, you are now the one feeding leads back to the broker that was kind enough to send you the business to begin with! Talk about building a relationship!!!

  4. R.O.I.: Lastly, and one of the most important benefits (at least to your investors) is the return on investment. Most private placement funds have taken into account that there will be some losses associated with the portfolio. Or, at least, some amount of non-performing loans. Our credit repair program not only reduces the number of foreclosures in your portfolio, but it also earns you that Pre-Payment Penalty that you had priced into your returns to begin with . Wouldn't it be great if the majority of your loans refinanced within 6-9 months and you were able to collect Pre-Payment Penalties along with turning over your fund's money!!

  5. Profit Center: Ask us about our unique approach to earning you more money. It isn't uncommon for our Hard Money Lenders to develop a profit center bringing them thousands of dollars each month.

In today's tight credit market, where the sub-prime loan is a thing of the past...the gap between A-Paper and Hard Money has become a lot closer. Without the cushion of take-out financing being available for the tiers in-between, the strategy of deploying a credit restoration plan in your underwriting criteria is a must. Contact us today to get started. We look forward to working with you!