Are collectors calling you day and night?
Are you having trouble keeping up with your bills?
Are you drowning in debt and living in fear of your creditors?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions and you are thinking about bankruptcy, credit counseling, debt management plans, home equity loans or debt settlement; this information is for YOU!

With today’s struggling economy, credit crunch, record job losses, sky rocketing unemployment, bank failures, crashing housing market, and ailing stock market; our economy is teetering on the edge of a total meltdown. Add these problems to the never ending cycle of credit card debt and it's no wonder millions of Americans are struggling just to survive.

This section of our website is designed to inform you about the collection process and the SCARE TACTICS used by debt collectors so that you don't have to live in FEAR. Your biggest weapon in the battle against debt collectors is KNOWLEDGE. Study the following information closely and you will soon realize that there is really NOTHING to fear in the collection process and you will be armed to do battle with even the best debt collector.

Tactics Used By Debt Collectors

The main goal of most debt collectors is to create fear in their targets. Collectors for credit card companies are often seasoned pros and the average debtor doesn’t stand a chance against them. Collectors often wage psychological warfare on debtors and could probably scare most people into paying a credit card bill before they put food on their family's table.

Collectors typically work on a commission basis and it is their job to try to get you to make a payment so they can make a commission. They will often manipulate, con, trick and lie to you to scare you into making a payment. Below are some of the most common scare tactics used by debt collectors:

Telling you they are going to turn your account over to collections.
This is just a normal part of the collection process and a debt can flow through several collection agencies within a span of only a few months.

Telling you they need payment ASAP…Send the payment next day delivery.
This is not normally needed. Some collection companies have contests to see who can collect the most the fastest.  The collector with the MOST next day delivery pouches on their wall for the month wins a prize. What did you get? NOTHING but your hard earned money wasted on priority shipping so someone else could make an extra buck at your expense. Remember you didn’t get into the mess over night…and you can’t fix it overnight.

Telling you they are going to "charge-off" your account.
This means they are writing your account off as a bad debt for accounting purposes. It really means nothing as far as the collection process is concerned.

Telling you they’re going to garnish your wages or put a lien on your property.
First of all, before any type of garnishment, lien or levy can take place; a creditor must go through a lengthy legal process and then be lucky enough for a judge grant one of these. See "Threats of Lawsuits” for a more detailed explanation.

Acting like they’re your friend and they’re looking out for your best interests.
They may show concern and give you advice about what you should do in your situation. We can almost guarantee you that the collector on the other end of the phone could care less about you than what’s for lunch that day. They are in business to make money and rarely if ever do they care about you or the situation you’re in.

Treating you like a child, trying to make you feel guilty, acting like you’re in big trouble, etc.
Collectors are very deceptive and they can be very good at playing into your emotions and making you feel like you’re the bad guy. You’re in the same situation as millions of other Americans and there is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of.

Calling you 10 to 20 times in a day.
When you’re having financial difficulty, the last thing you need is a collector continuously calling and harassing you. This is just another tactic used to try to wear you down mentally.

Sending official looking letters from collection agencies posing as attorney firms.
It is common to receive many different types of collection letters. Many of them include threats of lawsuits but the fine print usually says no attorney has even looked at your case. Thousands of these letters are sent out daily and they are typically just another scare tactic used in the collection process.

Telling you "We don’t work with settlement companies." or "We don’t do settlements".
This is a common tactic used to scare people enrolled with debt settlement companies. All major creditors and collection agencies do settlements. They don’t want YOU to know this because they want to try to get what they can out of you through the normal collection process. If they can convince you they won’t work with a settlement company, they have you right where they want you. Credit card companies don’t necessarily like settlement companies because they know the "tricks of the trade" but they work with settlement companies every day, regardless of what they want you to believe.

From our experience, most collectors will tell you anything they can think of to scare you into making a payment. Be prepared for anything they throw at you and don't become a victim to their SCARE TACTICS.

Legal Disclaimer

Everyone’s situation is different and not all methods presented will work 100% of the time, the information provided is designed to help you understand the process and arm you with knowledge. The information provided is not intended to give anyone legal advice, and if you feel you need to speak with an attorney for professional advice them please contact an attorney and get legal advice. Most attorneys will offer a free consultation.

To download a copy of Scare tactics ---Tactics Used by Debt Collectors please click the link below

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