Our Process
At TitanCredit.com, we have simplified the process of restoring your credit. We will work directly with your creditors and the credit bureaus on your behalf in order to remove derogatory records from your credit history. Step by Step, here is what you can expect:

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Step 1
Call us now at (877) Titan-69 - (877) 848-2669 or send in the online inquiry form to receive your FREE CONSULTATION.

Order your credit report on-line now. Fill out the online inquiry form located below. Once you receive your credit report, you can fax it to us at (866) 270-7171. A member of our knowledgeable staff will review your credit report in detail with you over the phone and will explain what our plan of attack will be for each account you wish to address. We will briefly educate you on what you can do to improve your score in a short period of time with or without credit repair or utilizing our services. The invaluable knowledge that will be imparted on you in this 10-minute no-obligation consultation will be worth every second.

Your Information


Step 2
Complete our Retainer Packet and send in via facsimile.

After completing step one, you will given a price quote and be directed by your consultant to fill out the Retainer Packet completely. Additionally you will need to send us verification of your identity. We will need a copy of your Drivers License and Social Security Card. If you do not have your SS card, you may send us a W-2 or a Pay Stub that shows your SS#. If the address on your Drivers License is not current, we will need a copy of a utility bill.

Once everything is received, you will be assigned your own personal and confidential login and password so you may monitor the progress of your credit repair on-line 24 hours a day in real time.

Retainer_Agreement.pdf  (214k)

Fax  Fax: (866) 270-7171

Step 3
Send in Your Updates.

On a monthly basis, you will receive updates from the credit bureaus on the progress of our dealings with them. You will forward these updates to us while keeping a copy for your records. These updates tell us both how the process is working.

Step 4
Watch your score improve!

Your credit score should begin improving within the first 35 days of retaining of our services. We will continue to work on your file for up to 6 months so we can reach your ultimate goals.

Step 5

After six months, you will receive a call from your credit advisor who will review your file with you. You will also be given additional advice and consultation on what you can do to continue raising and maintaining your new and improved credit score for long-term results.