Our Fees
Our fees are subjective per individual and are predicated on the number of derogatory accounts reported on your credit. You can get enrolled into Titan’s restoration program through our affordable payment plan which starts with a set up fee as low as $399. Please call your Titan representative to discuss details. We do not charge an hourly fee, however, your retainer may be paid out over time (Please a TitanCredit.com consultant for details). The number of items we will work on at one time is up to the client. We do not limit the number of items or bureaus we will correct at any given time.

Because everyone's credit profile and correction needs are different, we request that you contact us directly for the lowest custom quote and a FREE credit consultation.

Depending on the amount of work your credit report will take, TitanCredit.com charges less than a few hours of normal attorney's retainers to work on a clients file. There are no hidden fees. You will know your total cost, and chances of success directly up front. TitanCredit.com is one of the wisest investments in finances and your future that you can make.

Additionally, some clients may have charge-off or collection accounts that they want us to settle for them. These settlements are either done with the intention of saving the client money or with the goal of paying in return for an agreement to delete from the creditor. Debt negotiation services will be an additional charge due to the extra work involved. Typically, these are performed at a base rate or percentage of the savings, whichever is greater. Contact us for details.